That’s the more frequent question a lot of people ask their roofer and the answer will always depend on a lot of factors such as: type of roof material, metal, wood shake, shingles, roofing membranes, age and condition of roof, budget, etc.

It’s always recommended to repair the roof when the rest of roof is in good condition and has been installed recently no longer than 10 yrs. that way any repairs done to it will last longer, the last thing you want to do is spend your money on a repair that will only be a temporary fix because the rest of the roof is old and in bad and poor condition.

And also keep in mind that the older the roof the harder will be to match the shingle color because of age, uv rays, wear and tear, etc. A roof replacement is always recommended when your roof it’s been hit by storm damage hail and or wind and the damage is significant, oe when the roof is too old that it leaks every time it rains or because you simply want to upgrade or change the looks and appearance of your house.

You can always call and count on your roofer to get an expert advise and informed opinion on what needs to be done.


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