Do You Need Roof Ventilation?


That’s a very important question, and the answer is YES!, it’s incredible how many people forget or don’t realize the importance of a proper attic and roof ventilation. Having a proper ventilated attic will help extend the life of the roof , insulation and some other building components. It’s estimated that at least 7 out of 10 US Homes have some form of improper attic/roof ventilation.

There’s a huge selection of ventilation products available that fit the style of your roof, just ask your roofer for an advice on the type of product that’ll work for your home, maybe some ridge vent, box vents, turbines, power vents,etc.

It’s been proven that the heat in unventilated attics can reach temperatures up to 160 degrees specially in the summer time, this can cause premature aging of shingles, damage to roof sheating, not to mention that the heat will radiate down into your living area, that’s why it’s very important to have a well balanced 50-50 attic ventilation if possible, 50% of intake ventilation near the lower part of attic space, and 50% of exhaust ventilation near or at the roof peak.



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